Frequently Asked Questions ~

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Dellavita Intense Anti-Aging Plant Based Retinol 2.0% Face Serum

Yes, this is easy to use. Just take some drops on the palms and apply on the face, dab it or apply in a circular motion and leave it on your skin to soak in the serum to work.
You can use it but we recommend to use it after some time, say after 30 mins or so
Yes, it is suitable for dry skin.
No, it doesn’t contain alcohol.
It definitely helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles
It is not a skin whitening cream. However, this serum can easily enhance the skin tone, texture, removes wrinkles and fine lines, thus it will be beneficial to use along with skin whitening, brightening and lightening product for enhanced results.
Yes, you can apply it at night. The natural ingredients will work overnight to give the results.
Yes, it can be used by teenagers above the age of 18 years.
Yes, you can. However, this product also has Vit C.
It is paraben free, sulfate free.
It is a serum and not a cream. It can be applied during the day as well as night.
It is good for Oily as well as Dry skin.
No, this product does not contain Hydroquinone or any other steroids.
Our bakuchiol anti-ageing serum is lightweight and does not block pores, it is suited for application on acne prone skin.

Dellavita Rejuvenating and Skin Brightening Face Cream~

If you use the cream as suggested, twice a day for more than 4 to 6 weeks, it will rejuvenate and brighten your skin tone.
It will take 4 to 6 weeks to show visibly prominent results
You can apply this cream on clean and dry skin, day as well as night time, preferably followed by a moisturizer or a sunscreen if applied in the day.
Yes, it is suitable for a sensitive skin as well as dry and oily skin also.
Yes it can be applied on oily and acne prone skin also.
It is equally effective for men and women.
Yes, you can ideally use sunscreen after applying this cream, usually after 20 to 30 minutes if you are using it daytime.

Dellavita  Moisturizing Cream~

It is a lightweight moisturizing formula and hence it is non-comedogenic
Yes, this can be used even on oily skin.
You can use this moisturizing cream at both the time, during the day as well at night.
No, you do not need to apply any other moisturizer if you apply this.
You can apply Vit C serum first and then apply this moisturizer.
Yes, even teenager can use this product.
It doesn’t contain any SPF and hence it can be used only as a moisturizer. You need to use sunscreen after this if you are using it in a daytime.
You can use it even id you have a combination type skin.