Silium Cereali Maxi: Stunning Hair Colour Shades for Indian Hair


Silium Cereali Maxi offers a premium hair coloring experience designed specifically for Indian hair tones. This ammonia-free, permanent hair color provides exceptional coverage, vibrant color, and deep nourishment, all in one convenient Maxi pack.

Tailored for Indian Hair

Silium Cereali Maxi understands the unique needs of Indian hair. Its formula is specially designed to:

  • Enhance natural hair tones: Choose from 5 stunning shades, including natural black, dark brown, mahogany, and black cherry, that complement Indian skin and add depth and dimension to your hair.
  • Combat dryness and damage: Enriched with 5 cereals, Silium Cereali Maxi nourishes and moisturizes hair, preventing dryness and damage often caused by chemical treatments.
  • Protect scalp sensitivity: The ammonia-free formula is gentle on sensitive scalps, preventing irritation and discomfort.
  • Achieve 100% grey coverage: Say goodbye to unwanted grey hair with Silium Cereali Maxi’s exceptional coverage power.

Maxi Pack for Value and Convenience

The Maxi pack offers double the product, making it perfect for:

  • Those with long or thick hair: Ensure you have enough color for a complete application.
  • Consumers planning touch-ups: Save money by having a second application ready.
  • Sharing with friends or family: Share the joy of beautiful hair with loved ones.

Each Maxi pack includes:

  • 2 tubes of color
  • 2 shakers with peroxide
  • 2 sachets of post-color treatment
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • 2 capes
  • Safe color sample

Key Benefits of Silium Cereali Maxi:

  • Ammonia-free formula
  • 100% grey hair coverage
  • 5 stunning shades for Indian hair
  • Nourishing formula with 5 cereals
  • Protects scalp from irritation.
  • Long-lasting, vibrant color
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient Maxi pack

Order Your Silium Cereali Maxi Today!

Experience the difference of Silium Cereali Maxi and discover the perfect hair color for your Indian hair. Order your Maxi pack today from Pharmeco and enjoy salon-quality results at home.


Silium Cereali Maxi

Because we promote Wellness, Health and Protection of the hair and scalp which are granted by our PATENTS
Our Permanent Hair Colours provides total coverage of grey hair, direct colors to give tone and brightness and specific treatments for demanding hair that needs attention and care.
These Hair Colours are based on Two research based Patented Technologies that allow hair and scalp not to be stressed during color application
Complex 1 ( ALPHASHIELD): Dermo-protective complex (patent 1) of natural origin based on lipophilized citrus fruits. Alphashield performs only when the colorant comes into contact with the skin. Citrus fruits counteracting hyper alkalinity and the possibility of irritation and makes the dye so performant.
Complex 2 (SHRAS): Smart Hydro-realeasing Alkaly Scavenger
SHRAS releases lactice acid onto the hair. This natural complex converts chemcal derivatives into compounds with hydration and reinforcing activity for the hair. Thanks to Patent SHRAS , dermatological test done on SILIUM permanent coloration showed that SILIUM permanent coloration has high hydration property for the hair which increase the structure up more than 38%. Thanks to Patent SHRAS Silium permanent coloration becomes a Smart-active and polyfunctional dye, not only able to prevent damages usually caused by chemical agent but also able to reinforce and restore hair damaged from severe chemical treatments such as straight , perm, bleaching and frequent use of aggressive dyes
SHRAS is natural, vegetal, power and ……it does the difference
Contains 2 tubes of color + 2 shaker with peroxide + 2 sachets Post color 2 pairs of gloves + 2 capes + Safe Color sample
Silium Cereali Revitalizing Permanent Hair Color is Ammonia-Free, replaced by ultra-pure monoethanolamide. It protects your hair from the irritation and trauma caused by traditional hair dyes, whilst ensuring an effective and delicate gentle coloring. It guarantees 100% coverage of grey hair and offers a wide range of colors to choose from.
Silium Cereali has an exclusive formula with 5 cereals, excellent sources of proteins and vitamins. They nourish the hair deep down and protect it from the oxidizing action, thanks to the high vitamin B2 content and natural anti-oxidants.
Available in 5 shades


Permanent hair color typically stays the longest compared to other types. It lasts until new hair growth occurs, which is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Permanent hair color is designed to withstand numerous washes. On average, it can last through 20 to 30 washes before showing signs of fading or requiring a touch-up.

Permanent hair color, while containing chemicals, is designed with a focus on minimizing potential damage. The extent of any impact largely depends on factors such as the quality of the product, precise application techniques, and the overall health of individual hair. Our high-quality products are crafted to prioritize hair health, and when used with proper application methods, they contribute to minimizing any potential damage, ensuring a positive coloring experience for our users.

Permanent hair color lasts for an extended period, typically 4 to 6 weeks. The longevity depends on factors like hair growth rate, maintenance, and exposure to sun and harsh elements.