Frequently Asked Questions ~

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Yes Silium Hair Colours are ammonia free .
Our Silium Cereali Hair Colour are enriched with 5 cereals wheat ,millets , oats , barley and rice which is good for providing nutrition to hair and also it has 2 patented technologies of SHRAS and Alphashield which provides hydration to hair also protect scalp from harmful allergic reactions .
This colour lasts for 6-8 weeks and also depends on number of washes .
Ideally Silium Cereali Permanent Hair Colour should be applied for 30 mins while same has been reduced to 10 mins in Silium 10 minutes permanent hair colour due to non progressive colouring technology .
Yes these hair colours are absolutely free from harsh chemicals which can use irritation and itching to scalp .
Once you have applied Hair Colour always use Combo of Silum Safe Colour Shampoo , Conditioner and Serum as it helps in maintenance of hair colour for longer duration .
Yes , our Silium Shampoo are good to use on daily basis as they are enriched with natural ingredients which causes no harm to hair and one of the model i.e Silium Lavaggi Frequenti is mainly meant for frequent usage only without any harm .
To get the best result out of shampoo always saturate your hair with warm water before application and then massage the shampoo directly onto the scalp until it generates lather and cleanses the hair .